Enhanced Club Kit



Over the last few years as a club we have grown and our membership has increased, though our kit hasn't much changed technically.  I wanted to bring you a new exciting range of products from an additional supplier, Pactimo who will provide the club with an enhanced range of products that feature more technical fabrics and fit than the current standard road jersey we offer.

The design will stay exactly the same as the current kit as changing it would mean we have just made a lot of kit that current people have obsolete.

Range of Products
It is my aim to initially release a two tier range of clothing products, the Continental Collection and the Ascent Aero Collection.

Technical details
Both ranges will feature far more technical fabrics and innovation than the current offerings. 
Flatlock stitching as standard, silicone waist bands.
The ascent aero range will feature aero silicone arm bands, the ascent aero shorts will have the option of standard leg bands or the wider 7cm long leg bands.
The ascent aero jersey has radio pocket wire cut outs and cable loop as standard. 
Ascent aero series uses a compression carbon lycra that is slightly firmer and wicks heat and moisture away quicker.

Lets welcome the Ladies
Yes, we are offering in both the Continental and Ascent Aero collections the options of Female specific garments.
The tops are generally shorter in length, wider at the hips and a more contoured mid shape.
Shorts feature a slightly shorter length and a female specific insert, and are available as waist shorts as well in the Ascent Collection

I aim to offer an increasing range of Pactimo products as we gradually sell our current kit.  Skinsuits, Arm/Knee Warmers, Mitts, they will all appear over time.

How the ordering works
The idea of moving to an online shop front portal has been one I have been looking in to for over a year now. 
Several companies offer it but only one that offered a shop front and a system where the minimum runs could be made on the initial order and subsequent runs of the same item have nil minimum.
You log on to the club shop and add your items to a cart, the shop will remain open for 7-10 days.
When the shop shuts on the designated day, the items will go to production and will be delivered to the clothing manager in 4 weeks - Yes 4 weeks is the quickest in the industry by a long way.
Pactimo handles the payment online and transactions.
The online ordering and shop front will allow the club to better manage its overheads and will avoid us having too much or nil stock on items. 
The shop can be re opened as and when required by the clothing manager.

As items are ordered directly please ensure you have ordered the correct size as there is no return option once purchased to either the club or the manufacturer.

One important thing, if people are using a visa debit, they should inform their bank otherwise their purchase transaction will be blocked by their bank as believing to be fraud.  We are a US based clothing company and so banks will block the transaction to protect the client.  When banks are informed prior to placing the order with us transactions go through with no incident.  Please do inform the team otherwise their cards will be block.  Visa and Master card are accepted but not American Express.  ENTERED ORDERS CAN’T BE CANCELLED, if a wrong size is entered we can alter it BEFORE we close the team store but not after the store has been closed.

Please give the below instructions:  if members what the longer compression band for the ascent bibs, they need to indicated so while placing their order.

How to order
The club kit, once the artwork and ranges have been setup will be available from this link, login using Charlotteville and create a user profile to shop

Items Available

Continental Jersey SS Male Continental Jersey SS Female Continental Jersey LS Male Continental Jersey LS Female
Ascent Aero Jersey SS Male Ascent Aero Jersey SS Female    
Continental Bibshorts Male Continental Bibshorts Female    
Ascent Vector Bibshorts Male Ascent Vector Bibshorts Female    
Ascent Vector Bibshorts Male Long 7cm grippers Ascent Vector Bibshorts Female 7cm Grippers    

Recommendations from Pactimo
For the average club rider the Continental top will offer a generally all round cycle jersey with its wicking polyester construction.  For those who want something a little more special and technical then the Ascent Aero series will offer a more form fitted race product.

As far as shorts go the Continental range offers a good quality short at an affordable price, with its flat lock stitching and full dye sublimated print its a great club short.  for those who are doing more mileage and want a slightly firmer and thicker pad, the ascent series offers a better all round short with a more technical compression fabric construction.  The 7cm Aero bands are recommended on the Ascent shorts. 

Please click on a photo to enlarge, items shown are pre-development or sample items so colours may vary from the 100% finished retail items.

Continental top fabric, square mesh breathable dye sublimated fabric.
Continental shorts side logos will be dye sublimation printed and not screen printed

Continental long sleeve top will feature a flat printed outside and a brushed light fleece inner side of slightly heavier weight fabric to that of the short sleeve version. 

Continental shorts feature flatlock stitching as standard and breathable mesh upper. 

Continental insert, band type silicone leg grippers 

The Ascent Aero Jersey features lycra sleeves and front construction which is made of a pore micro fabric. 

Ascent Aero collection, rear of jersey is a polyester for wicking properties, arms feature band type silicone aero sleeves 

Ascent Aero Carbon Compression fabric and optional 7cm lycra power band grippers.

Ascent Aero insert
Comparison of the Female (left) / Male (right) Carbon inserts.

Sizing chart based on actual measurements